The Naptown Rock Radio Roundtable

Naptown Rock Radio Wars, the wonderful documentary from Dave Fulton that told the story of the greatest radio battle Indianapolis will ever see, won an Emmy! The movie took home the regional Emmy award for outstanding documentary featuring Al Stone occasionally smoking, film noir style. At least I think that was the category.

The Emmy was well deserved, as even if you weren’t in Indy when WIFE, WNAP, WIBC-AM and others were battling for listeners in the 1960’s and 1970’s, watching the documentary makes you feel as if you did live it.

In April, prior to their Emmy win, I had the pleasure of moderating a sort-of roundtable featuring Mr. Fulton and three of the radio personalities who helped make that era of Indy radio so much fun; Cris Conner – who programmed WNAP-FM, former WIFE “Good Guy” Reb Porter, and Ann Craig-Cinnamon – the woman who broke the guys-only barrier at several stations.

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