Buzz Aldrin. Wow!

Despite our typical tossing of the term around as if it is toilet paper and we are on a Halloween tree binge, there aren’t too many actual heroes in the world, at least relative to the general population. Buzz Aldrin is one of those heroes, and not only because he knocked the dog whacky out of that guy who dared to tell Mr. Aldrin that he kayfabed his trip to the moon.

Mr. Aldrin – who had his first name legally changed to Buzz many years ago – was more than the second man on the moon. He was a fighter pilot during the Korean War, and I’m glad I asked him about his wartime service. He deflected attention from his own service and instead talked about the need to help service members battle post-traumatic stress syndrome, as appropriate topic given the high suicide rate among our fighting men and women.

Mr. Aldrin’s latest book is Mission To Mars. He lays out an ambitious plan for the U.S. to lead the way toward the colonization of Mars by 2035. Impossible? Only to members of Congress and the establishment who lack the testicular fortitude to do anything other than to call talk shows and criticize the opposing political party for whatever the crisis of the day may be.

Former governor Mitch Daniels currently chairs a national commission studying the future of human space travel. I hope Mr. Aldrin gets a few minutes of his time.

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