Time For Three: You really, really need to see them

How to describe Time For Three?  No sweat.  All you do is take what is, ostensibly, a classical string trio, toss in some current pop hits, add a little jazz frontin’, shake in some Charlie Daniels, a dash of Ray Brown, a pinch of Roy Acuff, and as little of the Philadelphia Phillies (ew!) as you can get away with.  Nah, that’s still not enough.  You just have to see them for yourself.

You can do so tonight, tomorrow or Saturday as Nick Kendall, Zach DePue and Ranaan Meyer play a pops show with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. They’re doing a mashup of Bach and Benny Goodman’s “Sing Sing Sing.” Well, actually it’s Louis Prima’s composition, but you knew that, right?

If Ranaan plays the Gene Krupa part, I will eat my hat.

In this interview, the boys and I talk about the show, their most recent show where they performed a piece commissioned from composer William Bolcom that knocked everyone’s socks off (at least those who did walk out, their noses firmly pointed toward the ozone). We also touch on a topic of utmost importance in today’s world – getting snockered.

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