Happy 75th War Of The Worlds!

Ray Steele on the 75th anniversary of The War Of The Worlds broadcast, as aired on WIBC-FM

Oh to be as talented as this guy..


Orson Welles entertained a few people, scared the pants off some others, and became a legend, one of the greatest minds the entertainment world will ever see.  He was 23-years-old when he oversaw the radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “War Of The Worlds”.  It is something that can never be recreated, not in radio, not anywhere.  He perfected, to borrow the worn out TV cliche “Breaking News coverage” when there was no such thing.

Many thanks to the brilliant radio historian Steve Darnall for being part of the piece above that aired on “Indy’s Morning News” on WIBC-FM.  Just below is my full interview with Steve, who hosts a couple of wonderful shows that feature great old-time radio; Those Were The Days on WDCB-FM in Chicago and Radio’s Golden Age at yesterdayusa.com.  He also publishes the quarterly Nostalgia Digest.

Ray Steele talks to radio historian Steve Darnall

The master at work…

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