Nick Valvano – Nicky V Keeping Jimmy V Alive

Listen to Ray speak to Nick Valvano:

Nick Valvano isn’t as famous as his little brother, but he is a wonderful guy who has kept Jim Valvano alive for the last 20 years.

In addition to all his work for the Jimmy V Foundation For Cancer Research, Nick used to come on my old station, WPTF in Raleigh, as an occasional basketball analyst. Yes, it runs in the family.

Nick is speaking tonight (Thursday, November 7) at Purdue University about the legacy of the Jimmy V speech, 20 years ago. A speech that, along with a lot of work from a lot of great people, has leveraged more than $1 billion for cancer research.

What? You haven’t seen the Jim Valvano speech? It’s only the greatest thing that will ever be on ESPN. Ever.   Best part…at the 7:00 mark, when the floor director tried to cut him off.  I have no idea what curse word in Italian Jimmy used.

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