Timmy Takedown Time: Laying The Smack Down For Kids’ Health Care

My report on the Timmy Takedown, which aired on WIBC 11/15/2013:


There they are. Dr. Doom on the left, Cargo on the right. Faces that not even a mother could love. Tomorrow, they will get their booties handed to them by vicious people like these…

roxie index-tt-wrestler1

It’s Timmy Takedown time again!  Tomorrow afternoon, more than a dozen great kids like these will climb into the squared circle and take care of business against Dr. Doom, Cargo and anyone else who dares to team up with them.

Dr. Doom is Dr. Chuck Dietzen, pediatrician and ex-pro wrestler.  I met him for the first time a couple weeks ago.  Cargo is Brian Burhenn, a firefighter who is more gentle in real life. They get beaten up every year by some of the kids Dr. Chuck and other local pediatricians help to raise money for the Doc’s foundation, Timmy Global Health.  The kids’ wrestling skills raise the dollars so that other kids who have similar challenges all over the world can get the care they need, but often can’t afford.

The piece above was produced from about a half-hour of conversation with the evil duo, along with kid “wrestlers” Roxie (pictured above on the left, blue and gold mask), The Gavinator and The Great Dragon, Kung Fu Master Ty Liu.  Also included is my homage to the late Big Time Wrestling, the fantastic Colt Cabana, and Jim Ross – the 2nd Greatest Announcer Ever (I love you JR, but I’m a Gordon Solie Guy :)).

Please come watch these kids, all of whom developed their own wrestling characters, and help raise money to help other kids around the world.  The Timmy Takedown is at the track gym at Park Tudor High School in Indianapolis, Saturday November 16; doors open at 2:30, bell rings at 3:00pm.  Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children, $25 for families of three or more.

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