Chris Botti, As Hoosier As Any Of The Rest Of Us

Listen to Ray talk to Chris Botti:

The first time I took notice of Chris Botti, it was not because of a song.  It was because of an album cover I came across one day…

Nah, no innuendo there at all.  Not one little bit.

Later in our interview, Chris told a story about that 2004 album shoot.  Suffice it to say that Chris is more than a handsome face with hair that makes someone else’s slowly dying follicles green with envy.  He can definitely blow with the best, and he does so across many different styles of music.  He is also a Hoosier, at least by the definition I was given – you step foot in the state, and you’re a Hoosier.

Chris has every reason to be a prima donna,  Like many musicians, he isn’t.  How can you not like a guy who wanted to play the trumpet because he used to watch Doc Severinsen blow with Johnny Carson every night?

Chris, I dare you to dress like Doc.  just one night.  C’mon, the peeps won’t be able to take their eyes off you!

Chris Botti plays with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra next week, though the show is almost sold out.

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