Today’s Pro Wrestling Coffee Break: RIP Mad Dog Vachon

Yesterday, I took a ten minute break in the middle of my day by watching a wrestling match on YouTube.  It wasn’t just any old wrestling match.  It was Colt Cabana and Mike Quackenbush from National Pro Wrestling Day earlier this year.  It was well executed, funny, and exactly ten minutes long.  After Tweeting about my choice of coffee break activity, Mr. Quackenbush was nice enough to Tweet back “The best matches are coffee break length.”  So it shall be!

Today’s coffee break was easy to choose considering today’s sad news; the passing of Mad Dog Vachon at 84.  Living in the south, I knew of the Dog from wrestling magazines, but I never saw him perform much until the end of his career.  I wish there were video on YouTube of more matches from his prime – he was a five-time AWA World Champion in the 1960’s thanks to the confidence of his boss and rival, Verne Gagne.

Maurice could also legitimately hurt you – he wrestled for Canada in the 1948 London Olympics.  There is a story – apocryphal or not, it’s funny – that a Canadian promoter in the 1950’s wouldn’t give Vachon a match for the territory’s title, because he was afraid Vachon would use legitimate wrestling to beat the popular champ Yvon Robert.

This is the end of a death match between the babyface Vachon and Crusher Jerry Blackwell.  Every time I think of Blackwell, I think of his “interview” in The Wrestler many years ago in which he declared his fat to be “muscular fat.”  “I learned good balance by wading out in the mud to slop the hogs in Stone Mountain.”  “I have a way of exercisin’ when I eat.”

My personal favorite Mad Dog Vachon moment, however, has to be; In. Your. House.

Thanks, Mad Dog. Qu’il repose en paix.

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