Indianapolis Monthly: The Best Of Indy

Indy Monthly Editor Amanda Heckert talks about their Best Of Indy Party, which is Dec. 5:

Two things: I did not make the Best Of Indy list, and that Sean Copeland guy better not have!  

C’mon, he looks like he is 12 in this picture.  It’s nothing like he appears in real life.

I will work on earning a Best Of Indy for next year (memo to the Indy Monthly folks; I want mine in the form of a championship belt!)  For now, we will simply have to take part in their annual party, where you get to sample some of the wares of those who were named Best Of Indy this year.   Which means craft beer. 

I’m sure there’s other stuff there, too, but there’s craft beer!

You can also enjoy your craft beer while helping Gleaners Food Bank, which desperately needs the help. 

The Indianapolis Monthly people seem to be wonderful neighbors to us at WIBC, too, though we don’t see much of each other.  We in radio are still trying to break down the walls of print separatism!  In all seriousness, Amanda Heckert, Jon Scott, and the rest of the Indy Monthly staff put out the best magazine in Indiana, and maybe one of the best in the country.  It’s tough to be in the print business these days, not to mention the radio business, so I hope we can continue to lean on each other to entertain as many people as possible. 

Except of course for the 2014 500 Festival Mini Marathon, when I plan on opening up a six-pack…no…a case of whoop bootie on everyone in the Emmis building!  For charity, of course.

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