Sandi Patty – The ISO’s Yuletide Celebration, and the art of the radio jingle

My chat with Sandi Patty on the Yuletide Celebration, w/bonus jingle:

ISO principal pops conductor Jack Everly & Sandi Patty

Sandi talks about hosting the traditional Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra holiday show for the 6th time – it’s the celebration’s 28th year overall.  The Von Trapps are also part of the show – they are the great grandchildren of Captain and Maria Von Trapp.

But before we were done, Sandi made the decision to tell me that during her days as a student at Anderson University, she did some work singing radio jingles.  Specifically, she sang jingles for my station, WIBC.  Doing some math, I figured out when she might have done that work – my status as a gentleman forbids me from giving a year so as to not give away the age of a lady.  It was the late…..oh, almost slipped up there.

Anyway, let’s see if we can find one of them…

This would have been after our time frame, but jingles got used for several years sometimes.

These are older, maybe too old.  And let’s be honest; they’re kind of cruddy…

Ugh.  No offense to my place of employment, but these jingles are much, much, better…

That’s for you, Jess Smith, wherever you are.

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