Who Should Win the Slammys? First, the wwe.com version

No goofy intro necessary.  Let’s go to the award categories and, in one sentence, my pick to win and who I believe will win. (not enough brevity amongst some in the IWC.  Love y’all, but just sayin’):

Breakout Star Of The Year:
My Pick:
The Shield. No offense to the other excellent nominees, but these guys have been bad booty daddy every single time they have been in the ring on TV, zero exceptions.

Who will probably win: The Wyatt Family.  Hard to argue against them, as they are more fun than a ham on sale for Hanukkah.

This is Awesome Moment Of The Year:
My Pick: Dolph Ziggler cashing in Money In The Bank.  Raucous crowd cheers when they are supposed to boo, and creative hasn’t figured out what to do with Dolph since.

Who will probably win: Kofi Kingston’s chair hop at Royal Rumble.  For my money, not as exciting as his hand walk last year, not that I could do anything that Kofi can do.

Trending Now; Hashtag Of The Year:My Pick: #FollowTheBuzzards. Don’t know where it came from, but it doesn’t matter, and you can’t get creepy Bray Wyatt out of your mind after he says it.

Who will probably win: I’ll go out on a limb and stick with the Wyatts, though it was a toss-up for me between it and #WeThePeople.

Couple Of The Year:
My Pick: Don’t care, but since I have to pick, I will go with Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella.

Who will probably win: Natalya/Tyson Kidd, in a gimmicked vote to help Total Divas (I’m kidding! Nothing against them, but I don’t need it plungered into my brain every 5 minutes.)

Favorite Web Show:
My Pick:
The Art of Wrestling, with professional wrestler Colt Cabana.  No, that isn’t what WWE is talking about, but virtually everything else started with either Colt’s podcast or, if you want to go way back, Byte This.

Who will win: JBL & Cole ShowAlthough for the mistake Cole made in discussing Chris Jericho’s Undisputed World Championship on Smackdown, they should be disqualified (I like Cole, unlike much of the IWC, but that was a dropped ball).

Feat of Strength Of The Year:
My Pick: Mark Henry pulls two tractor-trailers with his bare hands.
 How in the blue heck can you pick anything else? Seriously.

Who will win: C’mon, why are there even any other nominees, WWE?

Catchphrase Of The Year:
My Pick: We The People. Another one the fans are supposed to boo, but don’t, because The Real Americans are that good at what they do.

Who will win: Yes, yes, yes.  And I have no problem with Daniel Bryan winning, as it would be well deserved.

Say What? Quote Of The Year:
My Pick: Paul Heyman Volcano Tirade.  Which one? Who cares, as all of Paul’s moments on the mic are a promo class for everyone else in pro wrestling.

Who Will Win: I think Paul will win this one, though I should have said that the Kosher Butcher was my pick.

Best Dance Moves:
My Pick: Fandango.
  The former Johnny Curtis is so (bleeping) bad, it’s so (bleeping) good (bleep) – dirty words on the reggggggggggg.

Who Will Win: The Funkadactyls, in another Total Divas gimmicked v….I’m sorry, I shouldn’t harp on that.  Moving on.

Tag Team Of The Year:
My Pick: The Shield (Rollins and Reigns).
They haven’t had a bad match in one year; how do you vote against that?

Who will win: Cody Rhodes & Goldust:  Not a bad pick, but not as many good matches under their belts as a team this year as Shield.

You Still Got It (Superstar return):
My Pick: Goldust.  Any question that he looks better now than he ever did in his previous 20+ years in the business?

Who will win: Goldust.

Faction Of The Year:
My Pick: The Shield, for reasons already explained.

Who Will Win: The Shield, then 3MB will get peeved, do something stupid, and get their spangled pants beat off them.

What a Maneuver! Award:My Pick: Cesaro Swing. AJ’s Black Widow is impressive, but the oldest of the old school moves has helped us forget that just a few months ago, they were making the enormously talented Mr. Castagnoli yodel.

Shortly, my picks for the Slammys to be given during Raw tonight, via the Dubya-Dubya-eeapp vote.

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