Chip Davis; Convoy! Oh yeah, Manheim Steamroller, too

LISTEN: My chat with Chip Davis, creator of Manheim Steamroller. And Convoy:

This is the man who created this:

That’s still one of the greatest compositions in American history.  Dang straight.

Oh yeah, Chip did the whole Manheim Steamroller thing, too.  And Manheim is playing its annual Christmas show at the Murat at Old National Centre in Indy Friday night at 8:00pm, Christmas music, tradition, yeah yeah.

But c’mon, Convoy!  C.W. McCall!  Dang!  Gives me chills.  Chip tells a great C.W. McCall story at the end of this podcast.



1 thought on “Chip Davis; Convoy! Oh yeah, Manheim Steamroller, too

  1. Renee Mueller

    I had no idea Chip Davis went all the way back to the 70’s. Well, it was a “White Christmas” on 12/19, when you did the interview.
    I know it’s last minute, and ALL the promotional tickets have been given away through Contests & VIP’s. Yet, “you never know, unless you ask”. Any chance their might be a pair of tickets left, waiting for a person like me, for tonight’s show?
    I’ve been promoting the show on Twitter, all week @Renee_Teresa & FB (RCMueller64).
    Let me know, if you can “score” me a pair. Even if its after 4:30-5:00 pm.
    Thank you & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
    627-5824 or 445-8836


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