Frank Ferrante: An Evening With Groucho, at The Center For The Performing Arts


Listen to Ray’s interview with Frank Ferrante, star of An Evening With Groucho:

Doggone it, I love me some Groucho.  Don’t scoff at Frank Ferrante if you haven’t seen his show on public TV or on YouTube.  He loves Groucho and the Marx Brothers and has spent years perfecting this show.

The thing about Groucho is that 80 or more years later, the movies are still funny.  The same comedy routines we have seen over and over again are still hilarious.  The ridiculous greasepaint moustache is still so ridiculous that anyone could put one on today, decades after Groucho passed away, and most anyone would know it’s Groucho.  Shoot, I just bought a Groucho glasses and moustache combo not long ago from Veach’s toy store in Richmond, Indiana – a bad arse place, if you haven’t been there.

There are three performances of An Evening With Groucho at the Studio Theatre at the Center For The Performing Arts in Carmel this weekend.

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