Happy Birthday Sweet ‘N Sour

Alex Whybrow would have been 33 today. Wrestling fans knew him as Larry Sweeney – he once told Colt Cabana he chose the last name Sweeney because it rhymed with wienie, and he wanted to give the fans a potential chant.  Funny how things work out; most fans loved Larry, even when he was a heel.

Sadly, I didn’t know Larry existed until after he took his own life. One day on Twitter last year, I saw a bunch of folks Tweeting the hashtag #12LargeBrother. I did a Google search and discovered this remarkable guy who, as it turned out, had some demons that he couldn’t conquer.

I have to believe that, with so many Ring of Honor and independent talents working in the WWE and TNA now, if Larry had been able to hang on just a little longer, someone would have found a role for him.  Sure, he might have been smaller than many wrestlers, but he would have made a wonderful WWE manager.  He had a gift, and I so wish we were watching that gift develop on live TV every week rather than remembering what was via YouTube.

Happy Birthday, Larry.  In that better place where you now reside, I hope you see how much you and your work were appreciated and loved.

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