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James Swanson: The Only New Book About JFK I Will Read

Listen to James Swanson, author of End Of Days; The Assassination of John F. Kennedy:

When I saw the title of this book online, I thought, “swell.  Just what the world needs; another John Kennedy book.”  Then I saw that James Swanson wrote it.  Money.  James Swanson could write about Survivor, and I would read it.

Swanson’s earlier best-seller, Manhunt: The 12 Day Chase For Lincoln’s Killer, was the best book about the 16th president’s assassination and what John Wilkes Booth must have been thinking, IMO.  In a nutshell, Swanson writes fiction, except it isn’t fiction.  He explains in our interview.

For your teenager who believes that the CIA, FBI, Barney The Dinosaur and the Masked Twitterer were in on Kennedy’s murder, Swanson wrote a companion book for younger readers; The President Has Been Shot.

Best part of the interview: the Quantum Leap reference at the end, and an obscure connection between that fantastic show and Kennedy.