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Frank Ferrante: An Evening With Groucho, at The Center For The Performing Arts


Listen to Ray’s interview with Frank Ferrante, star of An Evening With Groucho:

Doggone it, I love me some Groucho.  Don’t scoff at Frank Ferrante if you haven’t seen his show on public TV or on YouTube.  He loves Groucho and the Marx Brothers and has spent years perfecting this show.

The thing about Groucho is that 80 or more years later, the movies are still funny.  The same comedy routines we have seen over and over again are still hilarious.  The ridiculous greasepaint moustache is still so ridiculous that anyone could put one on today, decades after Groucho passed away, and most anyone would know it’s Groucho.  Shoot, I just bought a Groucho glasses and moustache combo not long ago from Veach’s toy store in Richmond, Indiana – a bad arse place, if you haven’t been there.

There are three performances of An Evening With Groucho at the Studio Theatre at the Center For The Performing Arts in Carmel this weekend.


Dave Koz used to cook with Emeril’s band. Now, he’s cookin’ some Christmas tunes at the Palladium

LISTEN: Dave Koz talks about his holiday show at the Palladium in Carmel:

I tried to find footage of Dave playing with Doc Gibbs and the Emeril Live band.  Couldn’t find any.  That’s too bad, because that show was bad booty daddy.

Dave plays sax, so he automatically qualifies for the cool wall.  Dave and his friends are playing the Palladium in Carmel Friday night at 7:30pm.

Sir James Galway; playing the Palladium in Carmel

Listen to Ray talk to Sir James Galway:

I have a confession. I am an alto sax player, and when I was in high school band, I made fun of flute players. Quite often, too. Karma being what it is – I heard a rumor that it rhymes with snitch – I got to talk to perhaps the best flute player of all time. I was not man enough to tell him I made fun of flute players back in the day, so if Sir James reads this, you may set my penance at your leisure.

If it seems as if Sir James (and it is Sir James, not Sir Galway – he corrected me, but was gracious about it!) has been playing forever, in a way, he has. Galway turns 74 next month and has played with a little of everyone, not to mention every style of music. He says classical is his favorite, though, and that is what he will play with the Irish Chamber Orchestra at the Palladium in Carmel Wednesday night, November 6.

Fun parts of this interview – Sir James talks about his appearances on Sesame Street – confession number two; that was the first place I ever saw Sir James perform. He also talks about playing duets with his wife, Lady Jeanne Galway, for much of the past three decades. “We live together, we eat together, we sleep together. How about that? A married couple sleeping together. Never heard of that before. Must be from Chicago.” Lady Galway (and it is Lady Galway; ladies get to use their last names, and Sir James corrected me on that, too) will play with her husband at the Palladium.

The best answer was near the end of our conversation when I asked him to describe the Irish Chamber Orchestra. “It’s a very good chamber orchestra, and it’s from out of Ireland.” Is any further description necessary? When Sir James Galway is on stage, you don’t.

The beautiful, lovely, terrific and talented Ms. Rita Moreno!..

…as Kermit The Frog once said.

What a woman! She’s 81, and if there’s anyone you’d love to have more than 15 minutes with which to spend, it’s the only Hispanic ever to win the grand slam of entertainment; an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony. One of those Emmys was for Ms. Moreno’s performance on The Muppet Show above, and I was thrilled that she wanted to talk about that since that was my first memory of her. It’s a memory I get to relive over and again, and again some more, since my daughters love the Muppet Show DVDs.

Gee, what else has Rita Moreno accomplished? Well, for someone raised in Puerto Rico until coming to New York at age 5 and who learned dancing from one of the famous Dancing Cansinos – from which another Hollywood legend would come, just a smidge. She went from having a bit part as a 17-year-old in one of the most perfect movies ever made, Singin’ In The Rain, to winning an Academy Award for West Side Story nine years later.

Ms. Moreno avoided Hollywood for much of the decade after her Oscar because she didn’t want to be typecast as the fiery Latina. Then, there was a little public television show in the early 1970’s.

There were also those dalliances with Marlon Brando and Elvis, but all that’s in Ms. Moreno’s bestselling memoir.

She is talking about taking her recent one-woman show on tour, but Ms. Moreno says she doesn’t want to miss out on spending time with her grandchildren, too. Thankfully, we will get to host one of the best entertainers of all time this weekend, June 28-29, as Ms. Moreno will be inducted into the Great American Songbook Initiative Hall of Fame.

I hope you enjoy my talk with her. I sure as heck did.

Jim Gaffigan: Dad Is Fat

Every time I told someone I was talking to Jim Gaffigan, every person – all of them – said the exact same thing. “Hey, he’s funny. Hot Pockets!” Jim Gaffigan turns everyone into a Stepford wife, at least at the WIBC studio.

This book is funny, and is especially relatable if you are a parent of a child ten or younger. I only have two as opposed to Jim’s five – he must have a better… um, well, Jim could borrow this theme song;

Jim is a native Hoosier, too, originally from Chesterton, Indiana. You can meet him this coming Thursday, June 13, when he holds a book signing at the Barnes & Noble on Hwy 31 North in Carmel. It’s always a lot of fun to talk to this guy.