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Colt Cabana; Thankssss. Hope I didn’t spoil your groceries

My conversation with professional wrestler Colt Cabana:

When he called, Colt told me he was getting some grocery shopping done. After I yapped my head off like a fan boy, he said something about putting his groceries away. I have this vision of melting ice cream bars. Sorry about that, Colt.

I didn’t know who Colt Cabana was until the week of June 2011. That’s when he played a role in my return to loving pro wrestling the way I loved it as a kid. And an adolescent. And as a college student using my Mom’s money to buy pay-per-views. And as a young adult who worked for a radio group in Huntsville, Alabama that also owned a low-power TV station which ran ECW on Saturday nights.

Long story short, CM Punk did this…

Credit to a guy who gets a lot of undeserved internet crap: John Cena executed perhaps the longest sell of a spear through a table in WWE history.

I had never seen Punk wrestle before then. The most I had seen of Punk was his guest shot on Ghost Hunters. Since then, I have not missed any WWE programming on TV. But I also wanted to learn everything I could about CM Punk, because he was so dad gum fun to watch. What I discovered was this wonderful world that I had missed out on for the previous decade – the independent wrestling shows and promotions like Ring Of Honor where gentlemen like Punk, Bryan Danielson, Tyler Black and Claudio Castagnoli proved that they deserved a shot at the big time world of the WWE. So did a guy named Colt Cabana.

Some of those wrestlers got their shot. Punk and Bryan (now Daniel Bryan) are two of the biggest stars in the company. Seth Rollins – the former T. Black – just completed his first year in WWE as part of The Shield, the wonderful team that started the revival of tag team wrestling in the company. Claudio, as Antonio Cesaro, has some of the best looking moves in pro wrestling, and WWE fans have started to dig his version of one of the oldest of old-school moves – the giant swing.

And Colt Cabana, in his words, had “a thimble-full of coffee with WWE.” Which is bullcrap, but the times may be a changin’ on that front – please listen to the podcast for an explanation.

Colt is an inspiration to anyone, in any business field, who may have lost their “dream job.” It surely hasn’t been easy, but Colt not only learned his trade – pro wrestling, he learned how to communicate with his fans. Colt learned how to podcast, from recording to producing, mixing and publishing. The Art of Wrestling became my education into this beautiful pro wrestling underbelly (not to mention insight into some of my old favorites like William Regal, George South and Tommy Dreamer – wait, Tommy’s not old. Crap. Thank you sir, may I have another?)

Colt also built a business based on what he knows best – himself. He learned how to market that business, and he has gotten to see the world and make a lot of people happy despite not being with “the revolutionary force in sports entertainment.” Colt Cabana, who admits to never reading, is a best-selling self-help book waiting to happen. And Matt Classic could whip Tony Robbins’ butt.

Colt is also a dang good wrestler and is funny.

Colt and his partner in the video, comedian Marty DeRosa, will join Colt’s good friend (and one of his best wrestling rivals) Kevin Steen at the The Heorot in Muncie on Sunday night, December 29. It’s a comedy show – the three basically make fun of old wrestling matches, and (say it like Mean Gene) did you know, Colt has done this show around the world?

I will see him in Muncie, and I hope you will, too.


Today’s Pro Wrestling Coffee Break: Castagnoli/Hero vs. Cabana/Generico

AKA: Two guys who are in WWE and two guys who should/will eventually be there. Includes one guy who was named dropped in four different ways by CM Punk on Raw last night.

Politics and crime fighting don’t mix, but don’t tell the politicians that

Despite what I write here and the report I recorded for 93 WIBC today, I love politics. I love watching the maneuvers back and forth between the parties. I love covering elections and, especially, hunkering down in a studio on election night as returns come in – the simultaneous emotion from the candidate who loses, emotionally drained, yet realizing they just spent millions of dollars for naught.

When crime increases, or is perceived to increase in certain parts of a city, politicians typically spout platitudes such as “now is the time to put politics aside.” They do so while doing everything they can to pin the increase in crime on their political opponent, thereby positioning themselves to win an office for their party in the next election. That’s what seems to be happening in Indianapolis right now, with the added attraction of a well-meaning Ten Point Coalition who is scoring zero points by asking for the same “anti-crime programs” that have worked so well up until now.

My friends who work in politics will deny it. I love you all, in both parties – the only party to which I am loyal is the CM Punk party, but you know this is true.