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Mick Foley – Wrestling, Writing, and Stand-Up (Need my aliteration refresher)

Mick Foley talks about pro wrestling, Santa Claus, and his one-man show:

(BTW, the song at the beginning of the podcast, after the “Back Home Again In Indiana” theme, was the song played for Mankind after he won a match in his early WWF years. It may be the most brilliant piece of matchmaking between song and wrestler in the history of the company.)

The picture is from one of the greatest moments in the history of WWE television.  The (and Ric Flair, I love you, but I must write the following) undisputed king of wrestling promos delivered one of the dozens…….AND DOZENS of masterpieces in an interview segment with Jim Ross.  But my absolute favorite Mick Foley wrestling moment, and that’s not easy to choose, was this one.  Genius.

“I think I am thinking what you think I think you’re thinking.” Good lord, that was funny.

Triple H sold it masterfully, and the Garden erupted as perhaps it never had before, and most certainly hasn’t since.

I also miss the heel Jerry Lawler.  “Quit brow beatin’ us with useless information, and go check on Chyna.”

Mick Foley, as the title of his second book says, is good, and the real world is faker than wrestling.  His one-man show is this Sunday in Muncie and the following Sunday in Bloomington, with a stop to snack on some fruit cake in Santa Claus in between.

I won’t write a mushy essay about how much man love I have for the man.  Suffice it to say, I was a slobbering fan boy when I got to meet him the day after Survivor Series in Indy last year.   I will withhold the mushy details.